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The CEFSG Matrix Project is now available in the Wiki Format format which has components that are not in this "Static Web Version". Additionally, the web version is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Wiki page for additional details. This site will remain operational for some time in order to maintain links on member sites and within the CEFSG Forum.

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Welcome to the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group (CEFSG) Matrix Project.  On this site you will be able to follow the development of the Matrix to provide information on all of the components of the CEF during the First World War "The Great War" from 1914 to 1919.  This project was initiated in March 2006 as a means to create an authoritative listing of the Canadian units that served in the field in all theatres of the operations. Matrix discussions are a component of the CEFSG Forum in the Matrix Forum Directory.
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During the intervening years, the web site has been expanded to include a number of projects of the CEFSG members.  Details of many of these projects have now been incorporated into a number of Matrix Utilities, which are updated regularly (last update: 14/03/2014 ). We believe that you will find that these utilities answer questions that you will have about the CEF from 1914-1919. If you can not find the answer to your question, contact us at your convenience.  Most questions are answered within 24 hours.

For a quick check on a specific unit, please refer to the Summary Tables for the Corps and Troops. The summary tables (the first step in the formation of the Matrix Project) provide a quick reference to what unit you might need to know about the unit you are researching, thus we have now added that link to the header of this page and the footer of all pages.

If you wish to participate in this project, please visit the web site of the Study Group (CEFSG) and register with the CEFSG Forum.  All questions, comments, corrections are not only welcome but expected.  Please note that the information on the various units described herein is based on the Order of Battle at the end of the Great War in November 1918.  For other periods, please refer to the units in the new "Fluid ORBAT" project.

We are currently working on the transformation of the static Web based version of the CEFSG Matrix Project to a fluid Wiki version. We will need the cooperation of a large number of CEFSG members to assist in this transfer. A core team is already hard at work. Please come and join us on this project so we can have the Wiki Matrix fully operational as soon as possible.

Read About Registration at:

If you are a "Junior Researcher" starting to look for a relative in the CEF you might want to start with the "Navigation Chart"  for a simple explanation of the structure of the CEF and how this web site is designed.  If you are an advanced researcher and just want to get to the details, you may choose to go direct to the Matrix entry page.


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